Facilities and Resources

Biologics Characterization Facility

Biologics Characterization Facility is part of the Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications. We welcome both internal and external users of shared equipment. Rates for external users can be found here.

Circular Dichroism

Applications: Protein conformational studies, Protein folding studies, DNA / RNA interactions, Enzyme kinetics, Formulation studies, Purity testing of optically active substances, Quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals, Natural products chemistry, Material science, Rapid kinetics (stopped-flow) CD, Absorbance and fluorescence studies

Capabilities: JASCO J-1500 circular dichroism spectrophotometer

Contact: Dr. Richard Dudley, Richard.A.Dudley@charlotte.edu

Microscale Thermophoresis

Applications: Quantification of molecular interactions (KD or EC50), Additional information about binding stoichiometries, binding modes, and conformations, Kinetics of enzyme-substrate reactions.

Key advantages over other methods: Immobilization-free technology, Low sample consumption (15 uL), Buffer-independent (complex bioliquids, including cell lysate), Size-independent (binding of small chemicals to large proteins), Quick data acquisition (~10 minutes for 1 sample run).

Capabilities: Monolith NT.115 Series

Contact: Dr. Irina Nesmelova, Irina.Nesmelova@charlotte.edu